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Software Licence Management

The use of computer software is covered by the laws of copyright – in the UK, the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (1988). Use of software outside the licence terms can constitute either a civil and/or a criminal breach of copyright.

All organisations need to understand their liabilities and how the simple act of supplying a user with a computer in the workplace can have extremely serious consequences if that user is not correctly trained or is unaware of the consequences of simple everyday actions.

Owners/Directors/Managers of an organisation are responsible for ensuring that it complies with the law. In simple English, if an organisation gives an employee a computer and does not take adequate steps to correctly train and control the employee’s use of it, then an officer of the organisation is liable personally, along with the organisation, for the consequences.

The possible penalties are severe – financial, damage to reputation (personal & business) and even imprisonment.

Effective Systems can help you check your current position and, following our simple six-step plan, ensure that you implement adequate controls to remain legal.

See our Data Sheet for more about software usage and how the law affects you.