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IT Support

Effective’s IT support is categorised into three sectors, each of which has particular support needs and characteristics

  • Corporates / Larger organisations
  • Micro businesses / Start-ups
  • Home users

Our IT Support services are provided in six different ways:

1. On site assistance
We will send an IT Support Technician to your site to attend to the problem in person.

2. Remote diagnostic / Interaction
With your prior agreement, we can use a range of software tools to interrogate and repair your equipment from a remote location. If we can’t resolve the issue there and then, we can subsequently despatch an IT Support Technician to your location to resolve the problem.

3. Telephone Support
One of our experienced IT Support Technicians can talk you through a diagnosis of the problem to help to guide you to a solution.

4. E-mail Support
For non-urgent support issues, we can provide a response by e-mail.

5. Knowledge base / Security centre
Customers who have taken out formal IT Support contracts have access to our Knowledge Base & Security Centre tools which enable you to research a solution to a particular issue.

6. Regular preventative ‘Health checks’
We can schedule regular visits from an IT Support Technician to carry out a health-check of your system to eliminate issues before they develop into a major problem that disrupts your business.


"We are utterly dependant on our IT as it is our life line. I am extremely grateful for the efficiency in which the changeover was conducted.

I have already recommended your IT Support company to a number of people.

Thank you once again for a great job."

Kevin Rogers
Global Plastics