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Voice Services

Effective partners with a number of commercial voice carriers to bring you high quality but cost-effective voice services. Together, we can provide you with anything from a single telephone line through to complete telephone systems.


Voice over IP (VoIP) is the new digital technology designed to carry telephone calls over IP networks. VoIP-based telephone services offer more flexibility and lower cost than traditional telephony services.

We’re partnering with two leading suppliers to offer our customers a choice of cost-saving VoIP solutions :-

Spitfire’s SIP Communicator is an award-winning hosted VoIP solution for small and medium businesses that delivers modern communications at a fraction of the cost of owning and operating a traditional telephone system. The system is run and managed by Spitfire from their core data centre.

Alternatively, though our partnership with 3CX, we’re able to offer implementation and support of your own IP-based telephone system giving you similar cost savings and great flexibility, but hosted and run from your own premises on standard PC technology.

Carrier Pre-Select

Carrier Pre-Select technology is the one of most flexible methods of obtaining cheaper phone calls. It has very significant advantages over conventional methods as you can route your calls via the cheapest method without the need for additional equipment or switchboard programming.

One Effective customer saved over £50,000 on their annual telephone calls using CPS, as you can read in the CPS case study.


"Effective helped us to significantly reduce our telecoms expenditure with a creative voice (CPS) solution that was introduced with a minimum of disruption in service to customers and staff alike."

DC, Regional IT Manager