Reseller Partnerships

Our working relationships with a number of innovative companies allow us to offer a wide range of complementary technology services to our customers.

Through our relationships with the UK’s leading distributors, we are also able to source an extensive portfolio of hardware and software products at competitive prices.

Logo - Netgear Corporation

AVG is a global leader in security and systems management solutions helping businesses and consumers protect their information.  Best known for freeware, their Corporate products excel further.

NETGEAR provides reliable, innovative and cost-effective networking products for small businesses and domestic users.
Logo - Spitfire Network Group Logo - 3CX Corporation
Spitfire provides voice and broadband data services to a wide range of small / medium sized UK business customers.

3CX provide a scalable Windows-based IP PBX that replaces a proprietary hardware PBX to offer increased flexibility at significantly lower cost.

Logo - Room101 Ltd Logo - Gemini Voice and Data

Effective has partnered with Room101

for nearly 10 years to provide reliable, professional website and email hosting, spam filtering.

GEMINI are a dedicated and innovative voice & data installation company, with over 25 years experience installing networks within the UK and Europe.

Logo - MDaemon Logo - Userite Ltd

MDaemon provides a reliable lower-cost email server application as alternative to Microsoft Exchange which Effective has successfully installed for a number of customers, along with other mail /messaging utilities.

Userite provides an independent, flexible service to help make their websites accessible and usable for the widest possible audience, particularly addressing the legal obligations regarding the needs of disabled users.
Logo - GFI Ltd  
GFI provides network security, content security and messaging security software for small-to-medium sized businesses.