What is a Microsoft Partner?
Microsoft partners are experts in their field, which is why Microsoft recommend you use them to supply and implement your IT solutions. Microsoft work closely with Microsoft partners, who are all highly qualified and experienced. They’re the only companies Microsoft trust to supply products and develop systems based on Microsoft technologies.

This is how Microsoft explains the accreditations:

Certified Partner
Microsoft Certified Partners must satisfy tough certification criteria to carry our endorsement and official logo, including proving their expertise in at least one specialist area and employing two or more Microsoft Certified Professionals or develop a Microsoft Certified software product. These high-calibre companies can provide you with very high levels of technical expertise, skills and strategic thinking.

Small Business Specialist Partners
Small Business Specialist Partners are experts in the design, deployment and customisation of small business solutions. They’ve also worked tirelessly to provide the most advanced IT answers for small businesses, which we’ve recognised by allowing them to use our official logo.