Keep taking the Tablets !!


The launch of Apple’s iPad tablet earlier this year started a new “arms race” in the IT Hardware industry, which is likely to prompt manufacturers to “innovate like crazy”, according to new analysis by Forrester Research.

Over 3 million iPads had been sold worldwide by the end of June 2010, – a figure which Forrester forecasts will rise to over 13 million by the end of this year.

Other manufacturers are not resting on their laurels and a wide variety of devices have been launched in Q3 2010, based on both MS Windows and increasingly on Android operating systems (as used in the latest smart phones).

With an all-day battery life, lighter-weight, a more attractive form factor and better user experience than a traditional laptop plus a rapidly growing portfolio of business applications, the tablet devices are captivating both consumers and corporate employees alike.

Whilst tablets will bring many new benefits, they also bring new problems that IT Support must deal with. With Microsoft Office currently unavailable on most tablet PCs, the devices won’t displace laptops for productivity purposes in the near future but pressure will grow from employees enthusiastic about the new devices to introduce them to the corporate workplace.

Basic applications, such as email and office applications will need to be addressed first, before others can be added. IT teams will also need to keep their security and device management procedures up to scratch so that the increasing use of tablet devices doesn’t create additional risks for the business.

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